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Meal delivery Top 10 noodles

'A little ginger to warm up, cayenne pepper to kick in, noodles to freshen up your body and soul as well. Our Asian-inspired menu is designed to comfort, nourish, sustain and inspire you,' Wagamama said, one of our favorite addresses in modern Asian cuisine for many years... And it retains its flavor in the takeaway. Kanyon and City's have branches in Nisantasi, you can also reach from the Food Basket. 

Chinese Sushi Express, which has branches in almost every district of Istanbul from Kurtköy to Beylikdüzü, has both noodle top and Chinese style rice top decks among our favorites. The noodle portions are very satisfying, the sauces are in full consistency... You can contact the order line 444 1 246. 

Located in Atasehir, Kawaii is one of the most popular Far Eastern cuisine options on the Anatolian side... Noodle and soup options are both affordable and offer the flavor you are looking for. Also, the set menus are very satisfying. You can reach through the food cart. 

Atasehir, China Lotus ' regulars pass their way through Atasehir for the noodle varieties and starter flavors of the place... Veal and duck alternatives should also be tried. Lunch menus are an affordable option. You can reach through the food cart. 

The periodic discounts of China Big Box, One of Ortaköy's favorite Far Eastern delicacies, are just as satisfying as its dishes. Noodle decks and California Roll are among our favorites... You can reach through the food cart.

Itsumi, one of the most famous representatives of Japanese cuisine in Istanbul, is also recommended by the Japanese. The place is very famous for its sushi alternatives. Noodle options are quite economical compared to sushi varieties. You can order through the food cart. 

The Naomi Sushi Bar at Bebek makes a difference with its seafood noodles. Crunchy Roll, Crispy Roll and California Roll are among the decadent flavors of the place. You can order from the Food Basket.

Far East Chinese, located in Istinye, is famous for its noodle varieties and Cantonese Rice...  Set menus are a delicious alternative to weekend parties.  You can order through the food cart. 

Sushi Nemo, located in Gayrettepe, is one of the places that delights with its periodic discounts as well as its flavors... Noodle varieties and California Roll are among the most decked out dishes. The Special King Set, consisting of 20 tracks, is an affordable banqueting alternative. You can order through the food cart. 

Chop Shop in Levent is famous for its meat and chicken noodles... Also note miso soup with Tofu cheese, crab and seaweed! You can reach through the food cart. 

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