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Meal Delivery Top 10 meatballs

Gelik, which started serving as a steakhouse on the Ataköy Coastal Road in 1972, offers unique tastes with its own formula. Gelik Köfte, well kebab, Gelik pilaf and Künefesi are epic in languages. It has branches in Ataköy, Acarkent and Levent. You can order through the food cart. 

In the 1950s, the reputation of Tekirdağ Köftesi, prepared in small restaurants with local techniques, spread throughout the country and the name of the city almost begins to be referred to as köfte. Two masters of meatballs from the family who stepped into the sector in 1953; Brothers Ismail and Arif Ozkan also contributed significantly to this fame. Özcanlar today is one of the major brands of Tekirdağ with its 7 branches and 500 cattle capacity fattening farm, one of which is in Istanbul (Umraniye)... You can order through the food cart. Make a note of Suleymanpaşa meatballs prepared with eggplant sevendi produced on their own farms!

The history of the famous Plovdiv meatballs, which a Balkan immigrant family has run for 5 generations, dates back to 1893. They have no branches other than their address in Sirkeci.  Turkey's oldest meatballs, the famous Plovdiv meatballs, is shipping all over Istanbul in online meatballs orders as dull meatballs. For your orders, you can call 0536 415 15 00.

Ramiz, founded by a Macedonian immigrant family in 1928 in a small shop with chairs made of lemon chest, is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to meatballs... Many awards, such as the” European Quality Award", were considered worthy. It has branches in many provinces of Turkey. You can order through the food cart. 

The historic Sultanahmet Meatball Shop, which opened its first shop in Sultanahmet in 1920, is today a famous flavor with many branches both in Istanbul and abroad. You can order this meatball with a special formula through the Food Basket. 

Successfully continuing the Balkan meatball tradition in Tuzla for more than 25 years, FILIZLER today serves Uskudar, Tuzla and Pendik restaurants with a capacity of about 2000 Sessions. Cheddar steak Patties are very famous. Via Web address (filizler.com) you can order.

Ali Celik, born in 1920 in Bulgaria, founded in 1967 in Ankara, has a branch in Istanbul. You can reach Inegöl Köfteci, one of the most popular flavor stops in Kadıköy, via the Food Basket.

One of the ideal addresses for those who miss Aegean cuisine in Istanbul is the 'Pearl of the Aegean'located in Suadiye... Pita and garbage bottles that do not fall off the tongue of egelians are made in Izmir style. Patties on the tile are also one of the menu's favorite...

Address: Suadiye Mah. Şemsettin Günaltay Cad. No: 91 Suadiye-ISTANBUL
Wire: 0216 372 0 900

Nebyan, Black Sea plateaus continued by his grandparents for centuries, plateaus, natural animal husbandry to the city is an initiative. There are dozens of lamb and veal products that you can think of from mince to kokoreç. There are many delicious varieties, especially Inegöl patties, from Akçaabat patties to hamburger patties.  (nebyandogal.com)

Adapazarı Islamama Köftecisi, located in Kadıköy Bazaar since 1965, is a recommended address for anyone crossing the road from Kadıköy.  This is one of the most famous addresses of Adapazari-style islamama meatballs in Istanbul. You can reach through the food cart. 

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