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Meal delivery Top 10 lahmacun

“Kebab man”, which offers traditional kebab flavor with a much different concept than classic kebab man, is one of the places signed by Nusr-Et, although most people do not know... Lahmacun is appreciated for its unique consistency and abundant material. Appetizers prepared according to the season are also quite delicious. 

Phone: 0212 2570209 - 0212 2570210

Address: Etiler Mahallesi, Nispetiye Street, No 14, Besiktas / Istanbul

Kaşıbeyaz, which has been serving since 1974, has many branches in Istanbul from Florya to Ataşehir. As well as kebabs, hazelnut lahmacun with vegetables and pomegranate sour Walnut lahmacunu are also famous... You can order from the Food Basket.

Namli kebab, which has been serving for more than 45 years, is one of the favorite addresses of Levent... Lahmacunu is loved as much as meat dishes. It can also be ordered via the website (siparis.namlikebap.com.tr)

Köşebaşı, which has been carrying the traditional tastes of Adana and Tarsus region meat dishes to the present day with a modern presentation since 1995, represented Turkey in the “50 Best Restaurants in the world” list created by 14 thousand members of Conde Nast Traveller magazine in 1999 and was ranked as “The Best Kebab Restaurant in Istanbul” in Time magazine in 2003. You can reach Köşebaşı, which also has branches abroad, in many districts from Levent to Beylikdüzü in Istanbul and order from the Food Basket.

Develi, one of the most famous meat restaurants in Istanbul, is a legend that has been going on for four generations from grandfather to grandson... The flavor story that started in Samatya continues in Etiler, Kalamış, Develi Balık, Ataşehir, Florya, Flora by Develi,Tuzla Viamarin, Tuzla Corner, Nişantaşı, Ankara and Cyprus. Like its kebabs and appetizers, lahmacunu is very delicious...

Kilisli Ömer Usta is a boutique restaurant in Ataşehir... The secret is hidden in the thin crispy dough that he prepares unleavened and in the special spices that he mixes into the mortar of the mince taken from the most delicious part of the meat...

Booking & Ordering: 0216 455 45 00

Oz Kilis kebab and Lahmacun Hall, one of Vedat Milor's favorite addresses, are famous for their beyti and sarımsaklı lahmacunlar...

Address: Akshemseddin Mah., Bedrettin Simavi Sok. 5 / A, 34080 Fatih / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 523 44 57


You should definitely taste the fine dough, easy to digest lahmacuns of Halil lahmacun, the famous address of Kadıköy Bazaar, baked in a stone oven! His little pita with feta cheese with parsley is also very popular. He has no other branch... 

Address: Caferağa, Güneşli Bahce Sk. No: 26, 34710 Kadıköy / Istanbul
Phone: (0216) 337 01 23

Chia is literally a food culture... They prepare forgotten local dishes with unique care. In chia, there are dozens of dishes whose name you will hear for the first time, especially salads, sherbet, desserts and kebabs. Make a note of this address that you must go to in Istanbul! 

Address: Jafaraga Mah. Sunlibahçe Sk. No: 43 Kadıköy-Istanbul
Wire: (216) 330 31 90 

Tahmis Lahmacun &Katmer, located in Umraniye, is an address where you can eat crispy lahmacun in Antep style at a very affordable price... You can order from the Food Basket.

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