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Meal Delivery Top 10 Dumplings

One of the symbols of Beyoğlu, you will remember the Sabartaş with its small bench at the entrance of the Hazzopulo passage. This heritage of taste, passed from father to son, also has a restaurant in the passage. They serve the Taksim area with takeaway. 

Phone: (0212) 2448226

Serving since November 2019, Bebe ICLI Köfte is definitely a taste you should taste for home-served boiled ICLI köfte... Boiled meatballs prepared with materials specific to the Elazig region are produced with 100% manual labor in the factory in Elazig. The menu includes 3 different meatballs.  In the classic, bulgur with meat on the outside, walnuts with minced meat on the inside, and in Bebe Ruhi, the outer shell is split and bulgur, minced meat on the inside, walnuts... Bebe Veggie vegetarian meatballs with chickpeas and mushrooms. Frozen outside the restaurant, they deliver it to Istanbul with their own Frigo tools without breaking the cold chain.

Address: Suadiye District Ayse Sergeant Street no: 15D
Shop Phone: 0216 225 03 75
Dull WhatsApp order line: 0534 224 23 23

Haskral Hatay table, which has been serving in Fatih since 2001, is famous for its internal meatballs and appetizers... One of Vedat Milor's favorite addresses... You can also order from the Food Basket.

Address: Iskenderpaşa Mah. Sofular Cad. Ragip Bey sk. No: 25 / A Aksaray Fatih Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 534 97 07

Vedat Milor describes Saruja, run by a Syrian family; Saruja is a really good restaurant. The owner is in charge. The kitchen and staff are immaculate. It has a rich menu. They cook different dishes depending on the day. Half the clients are Syrian. The food at the restaurant is good. Also consistent. We've tasted a lot of food, and there's not a single dish I don't like. For example, in embers. It has pomegranate sour, opened by hand, the skin is thin and the flesh is not dry. Way to go! And the appetizer plate is good. For example, hummus. Original and very tasty. Mütebbel is fine. Eggplant, tahini and yogurt. I like muhammara, too. Not a single grandmother left a trace. I didn't taste embers in eggplant.

Address: Akşemsettin Cad. No: 31 / a, 34080 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: +905051347070

Good Morning meat, one of the most popular steakhouses on the Anatolian side, is one of the famous brands of Turkey with 37 branches, each of which was established with equity... Known for its kebab varieties, Günaydin's inner patties, which are served dipped in pistachios, are also very popular.  You can order from the Food Basket. 

Having two branches in Ümraniye and Başakşehir, the distinctive feature of Içli Köftem is that it has very different varieties such as potatoes, cheddar, lentils, chicken... There is a choice of both scalding and frying. 

Order Line: 0532 5647263

Kaşıbeyaz, which has been serving since 1974, has many branches in Istanbul from Florya to Ataşehir. As well as kebabs, it is also famous for its intermediate temperatures, such as hazelnut lahmacun with vegetables, meatballs with decks...You can order from the Food Basket.

In Gayrettepe, you can also reach Akl-ı Selim, which is one of the addresses that comes to mind when it is called Ocakbaşı, from the Food Basket. Famous for its appetizers, the inner patties of the place are also homemade...

Chia is literally a food culture... They prepare forgotten local dishes with unique care. In chia, there are dozens of dishes whose name you will hear for the first time, especially salads, sherbet, desserts and kebabs. And the inner patties are great! Make a note of this address that you must go to in Istanbul...

Address: Jafaraga Mah. Sunlibahçe Sk. No: 43 Kadıköy-Istanbul
Wire: (216) 330 31 90 

Burrümcü Emmi, located in Kadıköy, is an address that takes full notes from Antepliler... His burritos are as famous as his inner patties. Even with a single menstruation, it makes a difference with its satisfaction. You can order from the Food Basket.

Address: Hasanpaşa Neighborhood, Mahmut Baba Street, No 9, Kadıköy, Istanbul

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