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Meal delivery Top 10 baklava

Chiragan Palace Shop, the online shopping site of chiragan Palace, offers alternatives to Eid for those who want to experience a palate feast on their own tables with a different traditional flavor that it produces exclusively for the month of Ramadan. Shop spectacular classics Ciragan Palace on the website of baklava is located between the “walnut baklava” and “Antep pistachio Tel kadayif offers’, while the Ottoman palace cuisine indispensable “Saffron-melon Diamond’ only for Ramadan with special produced “Cold Milk’ baklava , “Cherry Purple Diamond’ brighten up this holiday tables.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu, who continued his master's story in Istanbul, which began in Gaziantep in 1843, brought together his cult line, which has not changed for many years, with modern perspectives. Güllüoğlu baklava, one of Istanbul's iconic delicacies, can be found on the website both traditional delicacies and special formulas such as gluten-free or diabetic baklava ( karakoygulluoğlu.com )

Kafadaroğlu, one of the famous desserts of Beşiktaş, is known for its milky Nuriye. Peanut butter, kadayifi and baklava are also very popular in Kafadaroglu, we recommend that you taste gullaç during Ramadan. You can reach through the food cart...

Köşkeroğlu, founded by a Gaziantep family, has been serving in Karaköy, Istanbul since 1986. You can reach Köşkeroğlu, which is famous for its kebabs and baklavas, through its food basket. 

Musluoglu Baklava is one of the options that makes a difference both with its daily fresh production and affordable prices. Besides traditional flavors, it also offers alternatives such as purple baklava, chocolate baklava and cold baklava. It has branches in Kadıköy, Ümraniye and Zeytinurnu in Istanbul.  ( musluoğlubaklava.com )

Founded by a family from Kahramanmaraş and one of the most important bakeries in Turkey, Mado has many branches in Istanbul. Among the varieties of Baklama, Decanter with Pistachios is very popular. You can order from the Food Basket.  

Hacı Bozan Oglu, founded in a small shop in Urfa in 1948, serves with many branches in Istanbul. From his grandfather, his father received from vocational education with today's technology and trade secrets by combining products prepared in Turkey's most modern and largest production facilities; 2 times every day sterilized environments, specialized in the field by craftsmen, the European Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 are produced with all natural products without the use of any chemical substances. You can reach it from the Food Basket.

Baklava, prepared with the best pistachios of Antep, which are manufactured by Antep craftsmen, and with just the oil that makes baklava light, tastes such as shabiyet, dolama, carrot slice, make a taste feast in Kashibeyaz. In addition to desserts in kasibeyaz baklava stores, you can reach kahke varieties and many local products unique to Antep region. You can order from the Food Basket.

Gaziburma Mustafa, which has a history of 36 years, is one of the places whose reputation spans all over Istanbul, although its headquarters is in Pendik... All desserts and breakfast products manufactured in Gaziburma Mustafa, which care about health as well as taste, use natural products that are not genetically modified.

Order number: 0 (216) 354 27 27

Emiroğlu baklava, one of the most popular baklavacılar of Istanbul since 1986, has many branches on the Anatolian side. In production, they use materials from Sanliurfa. 

Order number: 0 216 411 61 57

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