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Meal delivery 10 christmas menu

Agora 1890, which dates back 130 years, where you can experience the true tavern culture from before the Republican era, inherited appetizers, decimals and selected flavors from the past until the pandemic restrictions end with the guarantee of UV sterilization "Locksmith Box” brings it to homes with. Delicious food prepared by Locksmith Box and Chef Ahmet Ari from Tastes specific to the historic Balat District of Istanbul, which has become a meeting point of cultures, meets its patrons with songs that accompany each meeting of Agora 1890 and have not been forgotten for years. Agora 1890's favorite flavors include deciduous liver, almond squash, Cretan paste, fish bacon and dredging. You can reach via the website (www.agora1890.com).

Social Lounge, which serves in Ataşehir, Istanbul, is ready for Christmas with its menu, which is equipped with selected tastes from international cuisines and created to suit everyone's taste. The Christmas menu of the place includes Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, rice, coslaw salad with orange sauce, potato salad with cheddar sauce, Gravy turkey sauce, Italian bread and special Christmas cake along with Turkey. You can order through the food cart.

Chef Sidar Budak, who is among the favorite names of meat lovers and everyone who wants to eat good meat, prepares a magnificent new year's table accompanied by delicious and healthy'şef special’ for those who want to decant this new year at home with chef flavors. Chef Sidar Budak has prepared his menu for the new year, from appetizers to main dishes, decals from hot and cold to dessert, all signature flavors of e-Butcher platform the best of meat (www.etineniyisi.com) over, the New Year at home chef tastes to meet those who want to deliver. Main decors include Beef Ribs With New Year's turkey bones, Kars Kazi, sealed Tenderloin and Lamb sleeve.

Aida Vino e Cucina, which serves in an old mansion in Istanbul Fashion, brings Italian delicacies home this Christmas. Each of the 4 special menus is £ 330 with wine. Menu 1; celery soup with Gorgonzola, veal carpaccio, veal cheek, Hunter-style chicken, cannolo. Menu 2; cheese plate, lasagna, Italian koftes, tiramisu. Menu 3; celery soup with Gorgonzola, tuna tataki, eggplant parmigiana, squid with tomato sauce, tiramisu. Menu 4; chicken liver pate, rabbit tin, eggplant parmigiana, lamb shank.

Maslak, Nişantaşı, Bahçelievler and Ümraniye, which have stores in many different parts of Istanbul, can also be reached via the website ( www.pluskitchen.com.tr). at Plus kitchen, which offers various appetizer alternatives special to Christmas, you can also create salmon, veal tandoori, Haddock, thyme meatballs and vegetarian menus.

Located in the bazaar in Kadıköy, “izle Meyhane” is a boutique business. “Permission”, which is a new generation/modern Tavern concept, promises to surprise its guests with experimental tastes while providing different interpretations of known appetizers in its menu. From classic appetizers such as Fava, hummus, shakshuka to allow specialties such as pod chips to delicious appetizers from the website (musaademeyhane.com/) 

Kadıköy's gourmet street flavor BASTA has prepared a special menu for the new year. In the menu called epic Farewell to 2020; Brioche&Thrace Old Cheddar, Basta! it includes smoked dried meat, Burrata-beetroot Coulis - yam chips - rakula, marinated anchovies - cornbread-anchovy butter, baked cauliflower&pumpkin salad, trumpet mushroom with veal ribs or Turkey but, celery puree, inner rice with chestnuts and chocolate pot a la creme. Menu for 2 people 450 TL. You can reach via the website (bastafood.com).

Atasehir's favorite place, The Hunger, is now in the Food Basket. The Christmas menus of the place have many options such as Asian spicy chicken + crispy chicken pieces + spicy chicken wings, crispy chicken with Sesame teriyaki sauce, onion ring and hamburger varieties. Menu prices for 2-3 people start from £ 99.

Cuisine Catering Group has successfully maintained its classic Christmas table for 30 years this year yılbasihindiniz.com he delivers it through the address. For those who will welcome the new year at home, various appetizers, hot starters and desserts are delivered to the address, especially Stuffed Turkey, which is the symbol of Christmas tables. Just as you can give Turkey stuffed with chestnut Rice in 3 different sizes (mini-Medium-Large), you can also order your turkey as a portion. If you don't want Turkey, you can choose a portion of chestnut puree Stuffed Chicken and a large stuffed chicken. In addition to Stuffed Turkey, there are many appetizers from Turkish cuisine, warm beginnings and dessert varieties.

Panista, a new generation and modern representative of the neighborhood bakery tradition, made a difference in its field with its sour yeast expertise and taste understanding, welcomed December with New Year's Eve Bread, where the New Year spirit was experienced with enthusiasm. Panista Christmas bread, specially prepared for the new year, filled with nuts and fruits, not only adds flavor to the tables, but also leaves pleasant flavors on the palates as a meal alone. While experiencing the New Year spirit and counting down to 2021, you can add flavor to your home with Panista New Year's bread, enjoy your table on December 31, and give your loved ones happiness that leave a mark on the taste palate. You can buy Panista Christmas bread from all panista branches in Istanbul, which offer a take – away package and telephone ordering service.  (www.panista.com.tr) Call Center: 0850 211 59 59

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