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Meal delivery 10 best pita

Khachapuri is a word of lazca origin and means cheese bread. It is also the name of Georgia's traditional dish, which resembles cheese bread... Khachapuri Pita in Kadıköy is famous for its abundant material and crispy pita. They use daily, fresh, local ingredients. Ticket, Sodexo, Setcard, Metropolitan Food Cards are valid. It's open every day except Monday. You can order from the Food Basket.

Address: Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. No: 11 (Kadıköy City Hall mix - Kadıköy / ISTANBUL)
Phone: +90 216 450 23 00 - 450 23 10

On-site Pide, which has been serving in Suadiye since 2013, also opened a branch in Çekmeköy. The secret of its flavor is that every material from flour to meat is local and natural... You won't find his roasted eggplant pita anywhere else. Whole wheat flour diet options and Yengin, Fadime, have amazing flavors in their basic names. The breakfast at the place is also famous.

Address: Suadiye Mah. Şemsettin Günaltay sok. No: 91/17 Ayşekadın-Kadıköy / ISTANBUL
Phone: 0216 362 00 55

PideCity has a score as high as 9.5 in the Food Basket. In the face of the pita variety, it is quite difficult to decide. Note the choice of triple condiment, Hünkar, Hürrem, Safinaz among the special pita decas. There are also diet and vegetarian options.

Telephone (Şişli Center): 0212 232 08 08

Buckle Bafra Pidecisi is one of Vedat Milor's favorite pidecis... The secret to its flavor is that they use a very well-opened dough. It is therefore an easy-to-digest option. Bacon and egg pita are recommended. Mince pita is differentiated with raw onions added while cooking.

Tokalak Bafra Pidecisi In Bakırköy In The Zeytinlik Quarter.

Phone: (0212) 542 78 15 

Pideban, which has been in service since 1977, is one of the most famous Black Sea pidecins of Istanbul... Finding space at the venue has become quite difficult in recent years, this problem is overcome by the possibility of home service. Those who are not used to Black Sea pita bread find it greasy. Indoor pitas are especially recommended. Also, Akçaabat patties are liked here.  It has three branches in Sarıyer.

Phone: 0212 2424239

They use a local kiln with traditional stones. Roasting Rize, cheese and butter from Trabzon, milk and eggs are brought daily from private farms. Spinach-cream, bacon-cheddar pita is famous.

Address: Zeyrek Mah. Great Karaman Cad. no.34 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 6353539

Hocapaşa Pidecisi, located among the historical Hocapaşa restaurants in Sirkeci, is one of the most famous in Istanbul Dec... For those who are not used to Black Sea Pita, the most famous among the pita decks that can sound greasy is 'Sinner' (minced meat - roasting - broken egg on sausage). The portions are pretty hearty. 

Address: Hocapasa Street No: 19 Sirkeci Istanbul
Wire: 0212 / 512 09 90

Sycamore Black Sea Pitecisi, one of Taksim's most popular flavors, is an address opened by the same team instead of Simsek Pitecisi. The material evokes satisfaction with its quality and portions. One of the best examples of Black Sea pita in Istanbul...

Address: Martyr Mukhtar, Main Fountain Sk. No: 9, 34435 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 243 46 47

We can summarize the flavor secret of pita Sun, where you can taste the real Samsun pita, in three articles; stone oven, juicy dough and quality material. They prepare pita, both open and closed. Artichoke open pita is a unique flavor here.

Address: Fashion Cad. Gratitude Apt. No: 67 Kadıköy / Istanbul
Phone: 0216 347 31 55 0216 450 43 43

Nizam Pita, one of Beyoglu's classic flavors, is one of the favorite Black Sea pita...  Mushroom, Trabzon cheese and egg, Gourmet mixed pita bread are the most preferred. The rice pudding of the place, which also has the title of" Turkey's first registered pidecisi", is also famous.

Address: Kamerhatun Mah., Kamerhatun Caddesi, No: 3 Galatasaray, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Phone: +90 (212) 249 55 01

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