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MBFWI with 5 directions that make you feel good

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul took place digitally this season, allowing everyone to watch the fashion show from the front row. As Lisa Baker, Senior Associate at The Positivity Institute in Sydney, points out, in this period when we keep our physical interaction minimal due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to be socially connected and interacting. In this sense, the fact that Mbfwi is accessible to all on equal terms by all contributes to well-being by nurturing feelings of being socially connected and in the same position. This season, everyone experienced Mbfwi in a collective way, getting the opportunity to experience positive emotions. 

According to a study conducted at Iowa State University, sustainable fashion consumption meets 3 main psychological needs, leading to happiness. There are 3 main psychological needs that interact between sustainability and happiness, these are: a sense of autonomy – (stepping individually) decency (being able to actively interact with the environment) and connection (a feeling of interacting with others). The issue of sustainability, which is of great importance to the entire sector this season, is also an important agenda for MBFWI. Özlem Süer describes the Spring/Summer 2021 theme as “a sustainable collection that can add the energy of nature to nature”.

During the collection preparation process, each designer is inspired by different concepts, different stories. In fact, every collection exhibited under MBFWI tells us a story. These stories can also inspire you, make you gain new perspectives. For example, Erdem Erdemoğlu Spring/Summer 2021 defines the collection's theme as “embrace me” and emphasizes the importance of avoiding prejudices and that we are at a time when we need to be closer to each other than ever.

According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology in 2019, it shows that both observing/noticing kindness gestures and adding Kindness behaviors to your daily life, inspired by such stories, have a happiness-enhancing effect. 

A study published in the Journal of Psychology shows that the ability to express gratitude, one of the traits that provide happiness, is more observed in individuals who actively interact with artistic and artistic beauty. Following mbfwi, you interact with many artistic and artistic beauties, nurturing both the level of happiness and the character trait of gratitude. 

According to a study in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, exposure to innovations has a property that strengthens memory by providing dopamine release. During MBFWI it was possible to observe endless creativity and innovation at each fashion show. For example, Niyazi Erdoğan exhibited his Spring/Summer 2021 collection as part of MBFWI with an unorthodox approach, virtual models and a 3D fashion show. Özlem Süer, on the other hand, presented a whole new experience with a holistic approach, receiving support from the lights while exhibiting his Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Finally, Ozgur Masur's combining the perception of couture with the practice of ready-to-wear has shown an innovative touch to the season. 

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