a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses


Autumn/Winter presented its collection called 'Atlas' to fashion lovers. Inspired by the aesthetics of hittite and Urartu civilizations, Giray Sepin has calm shades such as navy blue, dark gray, stone, indigo and black in its designs; it moves with mustard and silver. Hand-painted sponge prints, embossed jacquard patterns, brode embroidery and digital prints in the collection; wide battery is used with different sizes of trousers, long sweaters and shirts. Cotton flannel, kupro and wool blended fabrics; indigo dyes come together with pinstripe lines.

a man wearing a long coat
a man walking down a runway
a man walking down a runway
a man walking on a runway

With her collection 'Goddess of children', Lady Faith calls on today's city women to get rid of old stereotypes and have different perspectives. The designs consist entirely of tights, cardigans and dresses, 100 percent wool, silk and scride fabrics based on comfort and timeless elegance throughout the day. Feathers added as complements to geometry symbols are among the indispensable parts of the collection.

a group of women in dresses
a woman wearing a dress
a person in a dress
a person wearing a garment
a woman wearing a garment

Maid In Love is inspired by characters from the space-age video games of the Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. In the story of the collection we come across creatures, double-headed tigers, plants with eyes in their mouths, giant flowers with huge teeth. The vivid and diverse use of dark patterns evoking galaxy theme, plastic prints on digital printed fabrics, armor-looking fabrics, pom-poms representing planets, retro space-looking holograms and imitation furs, and modern comfortable silhouettes meet street style.

a group of people wearing clothing
a person wearing roller skates
a person wearing a garment
a person wearing a garment
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