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Mansur Gavriel new collection of bags and shoes

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel's brand Mansur Gavriel, which has become an iconic brand with its minimal and simple bags for years, has now become a name that adorns the dreams of women of all styles in the fashion world with their expanded collection of bags and shoes.

The promotion, which took place in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week, created modern armchairs, beds, kitchens and reading corners in the brand's own pop-up house. In a white kitchen with lemons, mandarins, fresh flowers and sweets, models offered treats to the arrivals. While the models lived their daily lives, they had Mansur Gavriel bags with them, accessories and pieces from the new shoe collection on their feet.

Besides the new model bags, there are 5 new types of shoes in the collection.  In addition to the "Bikrin" minimal bags, the vintage-inspired "Elegant" bag is also one of the most popular pieces. As usual, the collection is predominantly of pastel tones. As for the 5 new shoe models, the "Venetian" loafers have about 10mm or 30mm heels... It's both elegant and comfortable. Other than that, there are classic flat bottom loafers, pointed nose heels, high-heeled slippers and ballerina shoes. There's no doubt that high-heeled slippers with open backs will come across a lot in street style. The shoes are usually made of suede fabric. You know, it's mansur gavriel's signature now...

Mansur Gavriel's team now employs 18 people. As for their revamped and evolving brands, the designers say: "It's a challenge, a challenge... We need to expand our team, rebuild it."

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