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Make-up trends waiting for us in 2017

Created with red and tiled headlights, smokey eye makeup gives your brown eyes depth. The point you should pay attention to in red eyes is to illuminate your eye springs. Bring your eye fountains to the forefront with a glowing headlight or illuminator, and grow your eyes again with dark eye makeup. You can complete your '60s-inspired red make-up with nude or wine-toned lipstick.

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If you have light skin tone, don't be afraid to use dark lips! When you use ambitious lipsticks such as purple, burgundy and red with appropriate blush, you will find harmony on your face. This year, with the contour trend replaced by blush, blush of different shades, which will become indispensable for our make-up bags, will warm your face and prevent pale appearance even in light-skinned people. You can take advantage of bronze blush, especially when using lipstick in burgundy tones.

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The highly acclaimed "make-up as it doesn't exist" fashion of 2016 is lagging behind, replacing it with lightly shimmering make-up created in pastel tones in 2017. Add volume to your lips with creamy, wet-looking lipsticks while coloring your eyelids with colors such as pale pink and peach tones. For this type of make-up, you can use BB cream or colored moisturizers instead of heavy foundations.

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We are gradually moving away from thick, clear eyebrows that look like they have been scratched. The messy eyebrows that will greet us in spring 2017 will add naturalness to your face. Instead of make-up products such as eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shadow, use eyebrow mascara to scan your eyebrows and fix them with their natural volume. If you have sparse eyebrows, you can opt for colorful eyebrow mascara with the most suitable tone instead of transparent mascara.

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We welcome back the black eyeliner that you can use at both your upper and lower eyelash bottoms after a long break! You can add a dark depth to your eyes with the help of waterproof black pencils that you will draw into the eye. You should make sure that the pen is waterproof; Black pencils that are applied to the eye can flow very quickly. Complete this easy make-up trend with plenty of mascara, especially in night makeup. Those with blue and green eyes can pull the pen up to the eye fountains to highlight their eyes.

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One of the most common trends we will encounter in spring 2017 is dark lips on the face without makeup. After covering your defects such as under-eye and redness with only the concealer, you can draw all the attention to your lips thanks to the coral, red and burgundy lipstick you will apply. To add depth to your eyes, you can neutralize your eyelid with a minimum amount of concealer and apply light mascara. This trend, seen on the Dolce Gabbana and Chanel catwalks, will suit your daily make-up very well.

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The "Contour and illuminate" trend that we often use in 2016 will be replaced by only the illuminator in 2017. Your face will shine brightly thanks to wet finish foundations that give you a light from the inside and intense illuminators that accentuate cheekbones. Take care to moisturize your face when applying illuminating make-up, the most popular make-up style of fashion weeks. You can apply different illuminators, especially under the eyebrows and cheekbones, to the high areas of your face.

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