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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017

One of the reasons creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere chose Rio is that the collection was inspired. When it comes to Brazil, which fascinates with its sunny, energetic and mystical vibe, the pieces in the collection are also quite colorful. Color blocks are engraved in different forms in waves into fabrics.

It's time to say goodbye to the blocks of colour that descend flat, says Nicholas Ghesquiere. Apart from interpreting the inspiration from art in colors, the futuristic silhouettes are also blended with sports details. Isn't that LV's unique style, the code for its success? In the collection, where asymmetrical cuts are used very often, colors and patterns are unusual and resemble a different transformation of the previous punk collection.

Sandals, which come in the form of flip-flops with the wrist part closed, are one of the most admired pieces. We can say that the iconic model of next season has been revealed. Thus, the gladiator model was added to a sports atmosphere. Long pointed nose and short heels, which are also iconic of the brand, have been reinterpreted with details and taken their place in the collection. Unlike flat shoes, the bags also suited the Rio vibe. Much more colorful Louis Vuitton handbags have already conquered hearts.

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