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L'Oréal adopts “Green Science” approach

L'oréal is adopting a “Yesil science” approach as part of its ongoing search for solutions to deliver products that are more effective, safe and environmentally respectful to consumers than ever before. With this approach, L'oréal is committed to a significant transformation in research and innovation, and in this context, it opens a new page in R & Dec, making nature a priority force for finding renewable alternatives to petroleum-based components. Dec Yesil brought together all the resources in Green Science, including recent developments in agriculture science with developments in biotechnology, green chemistry, formulation science and modeling tools, to achieve this transition yesiléal brought together all the resources in Green Science. In addition, L'oréal is building a number of strategic partnerships with universities, start-ups and its own suppliers of raw materials.

As of 2020, 80% of L'oréal raw materials are easily biodegradable, 59% are renewable, and 34% are made natural or naturally sourced. In addition, 29% of the ingredients used in L'oréal formulas were developed according to Yesil chemistry principles. By 2030, 95% of product ingredients will be derived from biological sources, abundant minerals or cyclical processes, and 100% of formulas will be respectful of the aquatic environment.

“We are opening a new page with Green Science for the L'oréal research and Innovation Division, which has been the main force behind the company since its inception, " said Nicolas Hier yesilimus, deputy CEO of L'oréal. Our goal is to be able to offer safe cosmetic products that respect the environment, increase effectiveness, for women and men all over the world by 2030," he said.

L'oréal continues its commitment to transparency. The L'oréal Group continues to launch new initiatives to further improve information sharing and dialogue with consumers, empowering them to make choices that reflect their values. 

• L'oréal continues this commitment to transparency through its "Inside Our Products" website. The site, which opened in March 2019, answers questions from the public about the ingredients used in formulas and the composition of their products. The Platform covers approximately 1,000 listed materials and is currently accessible in eight languages (FR / en / CN / GER / SP / it / RUS / PORT) in 45 countries. Built upon scientific developments, this content is the group leading brands (L'oreal Paris, Garnier, La Roche-Posay, Maybelline, Redken, Essie, Kérastase, Yves Saint Laurent,...) on web sites are phased.

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