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Little Known Facts About Zara

First of all, how about we get to know Amancio Ortega, the founder of the INDITEX group, the body to which he belongs? He is now the fourth richest businessman in the world and at the age of 80...

The most curious question is why zara maintains that cool and 'distant' attitude when many brands have been collaborating with celebrities or designers recently? The answer comes from the marketing manager of inditex group: "Zara is a complete teamwork experience... And here we are exploring what is best for the brand. But it's not a single name that matters to us, it's the brand's own name. There are currently 350 very good designers at Zara and 600 designers work in the entire Inditex group. The only common skill of all of them is to be humble."

One of the most useful innovations that Zara brings is LCD screens, which are especially available in overseas stores, which we can access thanks to the phone application. Thanks to these screens in stores, you can easily find the sizes of the product you want in which stores.

Zara is among the most used sites in the U.S. with its e-commerce breakthrough, which it first launched in 2010. Zara's marketing divisions are also constantly working on which stores to go to and which products. You know, not every Zara has the same products. They say one Zara wants to sell more jeans, while another wants to sell more fabric suits. This tactic is actually indicative of how smart Zara works, even for neighborhoods.

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