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Levi's® and Onaranlar Club 'hacked' the streets of Istanbul

As an indispensable brand of sustainability on a global scale and innovative production techniques in the industry with its innovative approach in the leading position in terms of sustainability, located in the Levi's® repair with the focus of generating a dialogue with the environment they onaranl develops creative projects and sharing Quran Club, who live on the streets of Istanbul, has signed a cooperation remarkable. As part of the project in Nişantaşı, one of the city's vibrant districts, the inert natural gas boxes, iron poles and concrete mushrooms were repaired with fun language, and street interventions emerged that made city residents smile and raised awareness of sustainable public space understanding.

In one part of the project, donated and no longer used jeans from all over the country at the urging of Levi's®, are part of the unusual hacking elements of the Repairers club, while in the other part, works that refer to different popular culture figures were at the forefront of the imagination.   

The volunteer team of the club and donated to the project forward onaranl sometimes they converted the skilled hands of the concrete when it was used as a cushion mounted on top of the jeans mushrooms hidden in the streets of Istanbul owners, friends and our lovely houses for cats were placed in. And the bars on the roadsides were part of a pastime they had never experienced before, with Lego figures wearing forward converted jeans. 

You can follow the traces of this project, which arose from the unity of power of Levi's® and the Repairers Club, which aims to make sustainable production techniques and responsible consumption a part of life, on the streets of Nişantaşı.  

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