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Latest methods of treating crack

Cracks are actually tears in the elastic tissue of the skin as a result of excessive stretching of the skin. The skin cannot keep up with the growth rate of other structures under the skin such as muscle, bone, adipose tissue, and when it does not stretch sufficiently, the tissue is damaged. These lines, which can be thick or thin, which are between red and purple at the time of their first formation, acquire a psoriasis-white color as they get older over time. The formation of cracks, most commonly seen in the abdomen, hips, calves and breasts, is caused by rapidly growing, shaping or excessive weight changes of body areas. For example, neck elongation during adolescence occurs in the breasts, hips and hips during the feminine form of the body, while they occur mostly in the abdomen during pregnancy.

Many factors are effective in the formation of cracks. While some genetically lucky women do not have a single crack at any point in their life, some unlucky women may even have cracks in weight changes of 4-5 kilograms. In general, women with light skin and dry skin are more prone to cracking.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure that completely resets and destroys the cracks that still form today. The most beautiful crack is the crack, which has not yet formed, that is, it is necessary to prevent it with a variety of measures, persistent care, before the cracks form. Especially during risky periods, we can list the small measures that can be taken to prevent possible cracks:

·  Drink plenty of water; Mompy skin will yawn more easily.

·  Exercise; increase your body's yawning capacity.

·  Eat healthily; Do not miss foods rich in vitamin A, C, E and omega 3 from your meals.

·  Be sure to moisturize your skin; Oils and daily moisturizing creams used after showering will increase the skin's yawning capacity.

·  Try not to lose weight quickly and intensively.

·  Use a good anti-crack cream during pregnancy.

There are other treatment methods

No matter what we do, despite all the precautions, sometimes cracks can't be prevented. There are various treatment options available to reduce the cracks that have formed and to improve their appearance. Micrognesming and fractional laser applications are the most commonly preferred methods in crack treatment today. In the treatment of microcrysming, 250-300 microcanals are opened in an area of 1 square centimeter in the skin with the help of millimetric needles. During the procedure, various vitamins, growth factors, peptides and stem cell extracts that are applied to the skin pass through these microcanals and reach under the skin. Tissue regeneration and collagen production are tried to be achieved thanks to the stimulation and applied solutions created by each needle tip on the skin. This method, which can be done to all skin types in all seasons, can be repeated 6-10 times at intervals of 2-3 weeks. In the treatment of fractional lasers, which is one of the newest and most effective methods in the treatment of skin cracks, microscopic wounds occur in the crack areas and new collagen and skin formation occurs in these areas. More than 50 percent response can be obtained with this treatment, which can be applied 6 weeks apart in all skin cracks, including older ones.

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