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Kylie Jenner Puma's new face

Kylie Jenner PUMA collaboration, which started as a 'rumor' last week, is coming to life.

"Kylie Jenner will be the new campaign face of our brand. Kylie represents a fresh and exciting time in fashion. A more suitable and influential woman for puma's campaign than Kylie could not have been considered."

The 18-year-old star will be the campaign face of PUMA's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The campaign will begin in April.

Eyes on Kanye West

Following this news, eyes turned to Kanye West. West tweeted a lot of reaction when rumors of the Jenner PUMA collaboration broke.  Kanye West's "I'm 1,000 percent sure, kylie and puma can't work together. Kylie Yeezy is on the team," the new comments are eagerly awaited.

Kylie Jenner appeared at West's Yeezy collection fashion show with Adidas last year.

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