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Kim Kardashian is back on Instagram!

Reality show star and social media queen Kim Kardashian, 36, took to Instagram with a family-themed photo.

The star, who delighted her followers with a photo of her children North, Saint and husband Kanye West, posted in Paris during the latest fashion week. Kardashian, pictured in a trench coat on her way to the Balenciaga SS'17 fashion show in her latest post, was gunned down in her Paris hotel room in October. The star, who remains silent after the attackers were still unaccaptured and speculation about him, allegedly did not leave the house to recover psychologically.

Kim Kardashian, who is said to be seeking a divorce from her husband Kanye West, who has recently been rehabilitated due to a psychological disorder, denies the allegations in a family photo. A source in the Kardashian-West couple's inner circle said Kardashian was having an affair with soccer player Marquette King and Kanye West found out. Kardashian or West have not commented on the rumor.

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