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Keanu Reeves has signed the comic book series

Filmlovers according to a report in, Keanu Reeves across the press with her lover he announced that he was working on a new comic book while he was in Berlin for the filming of “The Matrix 4”, which was decommissioned due to the pandemic. Matt Kindt, creator of comics such as” Divinity, “” The Valiant, “” Grass King, “and” Secret Warriors, “ " Iceman Vol. 1: Thawing Out” is the author of a comic book by illustrator Alessandro Vitti, and Keanu Reves.

in the comic book, The main character is half-human, born 80 thousand years ago, whose father is the God of war. Reeves said of the comic, " it contains a bit of a magical reality. I portrayed it in my head as a man who fought for ages because of his father's violence and was trapped by a sense of compassion, trying to find himself,” he said.

The series, which will consist of 12 issues, will start being published monthly on October 7. The publisher of the comic book series, BOOM! Studios is also in talks with Netflix.

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