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Karaköy's newest: Mahalo

In this place, which is furnished in different concepts, it is possible to see cute cats sleeping. A place where you can spend hours comfortably with comfortable seats and a reading corner opposite a long desk.

In addition to its fresh coffees, sweet and savory snacks are waiting for you in this place, where there is a wide variety of teas. If you want to eat something light, especially in summer, you should definitely try the quinoa salad.

Magnolia with strawberry cream hotbed cookies in the jar, which is also one of the specialties of this place, is the lightest and most delicious dessert I have eaten in a long time, again browniesi are among the ones to try, low sugar but extremely tasty. I wouldn't exaggerate if I said the most delicious latte I've ever had was here. They are also very good at filter coffee and espresso.

"Mahalo", which means "thank you" in Hawaiian, also proves the accuracy of its name when leaving the venue, since you leave very satisfied after what you drink and eat.

I suggest you take your book, choose a comfortable corner and visit Mahalo Coffee Shop as soon as possible to love the cats sleeping in your lap and sip your coffee.

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