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Jennifer Lawrence poured inside

Jennifer Lawrence shared a lot about her personal life in an interview for Vanity Fair magazine. Commenting on his relationship with Darren Aronofsky, Lawrence made striking statements about his relationship with friends and family and his fear of fans.

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Jennifer Lawrence, who is said to be in love with director Darren Aronofsky, 47, has commented on her boyfriend for the first time. Reluctant to say "darling" about Aronofsky, Lawrence praised the successful director. The young actor has been known to be with Darren Aronofsky since August, whom he described as visionary and visionary. The couple, who were spotted kissing in New York earlier this month, have previously remained silent on tabloid news.

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In response to a question about her fans, Lawrence explained that the people she first met were strangers to her and therefore feared her fans. The actress said she has a very protective side to her, and that she has the right to defend her privacy. He said he was particularly rude to people who tried to take pictures of him without his permission, and that protecting his personal life was a full-time job for him.

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Lawrence, who said she lacked confidence during Paris Fashion Week, admitted that she was very self-indure as she prepared in her hotel room, but felt bad when she went out and saw the models and the clothes they were wearing.

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Lawrence explained that at weddings she attended in her inner circle, her friends chose her as a bridesmaid, but she never considered taking on that responsibility again. Weddings are very fun organizations, Lawrence said, and bridesmaids are a very difficult task. Lawrence, who said she would not feature bridesmaids at her own wedding, stressed that she was against ranking her friends in this way and did not want bridesmaids.

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Lawrence, who appeared on camera for Vanity Fair, posed for valentino, dior, armani prive, jean paul gaulthier and alberta ferretti designs in the shoot.

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