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Istanbul's best burgers

My recent favorite is the newly opened Beeves Steakhouse at Emaar Square Mall. If you're a caramelised onion lover like me, Beeves' Miami Burger is for you. A delicious flavor with its special sauce and caramelised onion in a 200 gram double burger. The price of a single hamburger is 28TL, if you prefer it as a menu 35 TL.

a group of people in a restaurant
a burger with a few patties

"As someone who tries as many different and new burger joints as I can, my favorite lately is J Burger, an unchanging Istanbul classic. Serving in the same line since 1977, the cafeteria's unique sauce, juicy, fresh burger meat and relaxed atmosphere are the things that make a difference to me. My indispensable burger on the menu is Big Sharkburger and potato pan with special sauce. Average prices around 17-19 TL for burgers and 33 TL for double meatball burgers; it also makes the place very successful in terms of price and performance."

Caddebostan Neighborhood Operator Cemil Topuzlu Street No:51 Kadikoy/Istanbul

a burger with a bun
a burger with a lot of meat on it
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a group of people in a restaurant

"Although it's a brand I know, the first place I think of when I want to eat burgers lately is Holyhood Burger Doner. He doesn't pass up turkish culinary devotees like me. Specialty flavor Holyhood Burger is one of my favorite... I can't help but mention the basil parmesan fries that managed to become one of the flavors that will be remembered for me as soon as I first tasted it. I think it's safe to mention the beetroot croquettes that are intended for vegetable lovers who are the secret forwards of the menu. It is served with honey as a sauce. Although I thought about how honey and beetroot would coexist in the first place, after eating it I realized it was a good choice. When it comes to prices, you can leave the table happy and saturated for an average of 80 90 TL."

Ashci street 19 May Neighborhood No:3 B Sisli/Fulya

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a burger with fries
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"Our favorite Burger stop is Biber Burger opposite Bahçeşehir University in Besiktas. In addition to being tastier than the burgers we eat in many popular places, it is much more reasonable in terms of price. Our favorite burgers include Jetlag and Louis. Jetlag has three layers of cheddar cheese, tandoors, caramelised onions and double anthropot meatballs. The menu price with potatoes and drink is around 25 TL on average. But lately, the potatoes in the takeaways have spoiled the flavor," he said.

Ciragan Street No:11 Besiktas/Istanbul

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a cheeseburger with bacon and fries
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a cheeseburger with french fries

I recently ate the burger at Populist in Bomontiada, which I tried and which is really different from the others in style and taste. I'd say my favorite burger is populist cheeseburger, with its freshness, the way it's cooked and the cheese-cottage yoghurt sauce I eat next to it. In addition, different types of french fries offer different alternatives to potato lovers.

Historic Bomonti Brewery Brewery Street No:1-D Bomonti - Istanbul

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a cheeseburger with bacon and cheese
a room with tables and chairs

"Burgerillas is the best burger joint for me! My favorite burgers in the restaurant, which has 3 branches, are Bombastic. I strongly recommend you to try a legendary flavor decorated with cheddar cheese on sautéed pepper mushrooms. My favorite feature is that the portions are large, so you feel very comfortable to be saturated. The potatoes come in apple slices and spicy ways. Prices average 50 TL for two people. And their dessert, Banoffee, is perfect for people like me who can't resist dessert!"

Asmaaltı Street Büyükbas Street No:3C Eminonu Istanbul

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a burger with fries and a side of fries

"When we think of hamburgers in Karaköy, Baltazar is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind. Especially the place, which is one of my first preferences for eating cheeseburger, is always busy but it is worth waiting in line with its delicious burgers. In Baltazar, hamburgers come with garnish and spicy potatoes alongside fresh bread prepared daily. The portions are satisfactory and the prices are around 90 TL on average for two people."

Kemankeş Karamustafa Pasha Neighborhood Kilic Ali Pasha Masjid Street No:8 Beyoglu/Istanbul

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a plate of food
a burger and fries
a plate of food

"Our preferred Pavilion Burger for lunch in the office affects every taste. The pavilion burger presentation can be an evasive lunch alternative, especially for those working in the Levent area with its flavor and speed. The menu, which is served with apple sliced spicy potatoes brought with it with meatballs and cheddar cheese in full consistency among homemade bread, costs 27 TL."

Levent Neighborhood, Honeysuckle Street No:5 Besiktas/Istanbul

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a restaurant with people sitting at tables
a group of meat on a grill
a group of pastries on a grill
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