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Is your home earthquake resistant? What to do to measure?

After the earthquake, which deeply shook Izmir and also suffered casualties, eyes were turned again to the reliability of housing. Everyone wants to find the answer to the question’ Is My Home Safe?' Hakan Akdogan, President of the Association of entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants, gave information about ways to measure housing reliability.

Akdoğan stated that citizens can find out whether their buildings are risky by applying to institutions and organizations authorized by the Ministry of Environment and urbanization, “it is enough for one of the real estate owners sitting in the building to apply in person or through their legal representative. A majority decision is not sought for the application. In order to apply for risky construction detection, a photocopy of the identity of the real estate owner and the deed must be submitted,” he said.

Akdogan, who stated that the owners cover the costs of determining risky structures and demolition works, said: “buildings identified as risky are notified to the Land Registry Office and processed in the land registry. Owners, within 15 days from the notification to be made by the land registry Directorate, the provincial directorates of Environment and urbanism can object to the determination of the risky structure with a petition. The owners of the real estate, which is determined as risky by the relevant administration through notification, are asked to demolish the structure by giving a period of not less than 60 days. Upon the application of the building owners, a demolition license is issued by the administration. After the demolition of the risky building, the real estate that becomes a land will be based on the assessment of its owners, and the applications that will be made will be decisively decided by a majority of at least 2/3 of the owners in the ratio of their shares. Land shares related to independent parts of owners who do not participate in the agreement (except 2/3) are sold by auction to other stakeholders who provide the agreement, with a fair value determined by the Ministry-not less than this value.Dec. If the sale cannot be carried out to stakeholders in this way, these shares are registered on behalf of the Treasury in the deed with the registration of the fair price determined at the request of the ministry to be paid by the Ministry,” he said.

Akdogan pointed out that the risky structure can also be evaluated for strengthening rather than demolishing it, and said: “but for this purpose, it is also technically possible to strengthen it, the condominium law 19. as specified in the second paragraph of the article (with a 4/5 majority), a decision on strengthening must be made, a project on strengthening must be prepared and a license must be obtained in accordance with zoning legislation. In addition, after the strengthening work is completed within the period determined by the administration issuing the license according to the nature of the strengthening, it is necessary to apply to the relevant Directorate to remove the risky structure designation in the land registry.”

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