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Is the disease that constantly attract selfie?

If you have an unstoppable urge to take selfies, you may have a psychological disorder, according to a new study.

In 2014, he began researching the term "Selfitis", a selfie disease first used in a parody news story, at Nottingham Trent University and the Thiagarajar Institute in India. Dr Mark Griffiths, one of the researchers, said that although the term initially appeared, it has now become a psychological disturbance.

Starting from here, the 'Selfitis Behavior Scale' was prepared. In India, one of the countries that uses Facebook the most, 400 people were studied. According to the results published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, three levels were determined. According to these levels, the condition of the person is determined.

The highest level of 'chronic' person take selfies non-stop with an uncontrollable request and share them on social media at least 6 times a day. They say they feel more popular when they share selfies. The researchers citadine this as a lack of self-confidence and a desire to belong to a group.

Dr Janarthanan Balakrishnan said: "We have confirmed the presence of the disease. As the next stage, we will investigate why and how people develop such an obsession, how we can treat it."

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