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Is my child ready to go to the nursery?

When to Start?

We should also examine some factors when starting nursery, such as assessing whether the child has "school maturity" when starting first grade. Of course, the child will acquire and develop some skills as they go to nursery. However, when you find yourself in that environment without achieving a minimum maturity, there may even be regression, not development. Then pay attention to these issues:

3-year age limit: We always say that 0-3 is a critical period for development. For the first 3 years, the child needs to be with the mother, father and other caregivers as much as possible. However, shorter-term playgroups can participate in activities such as workshops.

Toilet training: It would be more appropriate for your child to have completed toilet training both so that they do not experience difficulties and feel negative emotions, and in order to adapt more easily to this new environment. There may be exceptional circumstances, such as during a game, of course, but in general, it's a sufficient criterion to recognize that the toilet is coming and be able to express it.

Social relations: It will be the child's first entry into a busy social environment with other people than his family. So it's about how he expresses himself, how he relates and how he feels in those relationships. Before nursery, it is necessary to observe their ability to play with their peers and express their feelings in-game, and to observe their approach to such issues as sharing and waiting for their turn.

Fine and coarse motor skills: The skills we call coarse motors, which use large muscles such as walking, jumping, running, and fine motor skills such as using hands, fingers, eating, drinking, holding and using objects should be reviewed. Make sure that the child can do these things to the extent required by his age.

Which Nursery?

Nurseries are the home of preschool education. When choosing a nursery, you may have some special preferences based on your family perspective. However, it is necessary not to skip, regardless of some basic conditions. Here are some critical points:

-The distance of the nursery you choose to the house should not be too far away or too close to the house. As is the measure based on safe attachment, the child should know that the mother is at a certain distance, but at a distance that can be right next to her when she needs it.

-The educational content should be balanced. Instead of the model that leaves the child with an unnecessary academic burden early on, I recommend a program focused on play and communication. However, in 5-6 year olds, it can be an education where basic information is given as a preparation for school.

-Finally, you should review the teacher staff of the nursery. Not only are the people who are there to look after the children, but there must be people who know how to approach them correctly from a pedagogical point of view. Remember, the teachers there will form a continuation of the concept of "mother" acquired by the child.

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