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Is it possible to have a natural looking face lift surgery?

Face lift surgery; it is the surgery that will create the biggest change in your life among all aesthetic surgeries. If you feel ready for this change, you can read the rest of the article.

Today's modern life and business life have accelerated considerably compared to 50 years ago. People socialized more than in the past, and the average human lifespan was extended. Working times, stress factors and harmful effects of the sun increased, but on the contrary, organic nutrition decreased. As a result of all this, we have become older earlier.

After all these changes in life, the number of people who reach retirement age in our modern society but still feel intensely youthful in it has also increased. Not having the opportunity to live from work and ageing faster has allowed us to better understand the value of life. As a result, people who wish toappear more young, meaning they 'don't want to be lost to time', have made facelifts more popular than before.

Who and how to do facial lift surgery? While the demand for surgeries has been increasing in America and European societies for the last 30 years, it has been perceived as an operation that has been popular only by celebrities in our country for many years. However, for the last 10 years, it has started to be known and demanded in Turkey.

One of the reasons for the acceleration of this process is the understanding that, contrary to popular belief, a very natural appearance can be gained after face lift surgery. We had the same sociological process in the field of nose aesthetics. The 'hokka nose' and identical-looking noses, which were made about 20-30 years ago and we often see, have been replaced by noses that look completely natural. Instead of people who couldn't even use their gestures when talking after a facelift, patients who looked very natural and even couldn't even be easily understood that they had surgery started to attract attention.

As I've always stated, having a facelift doesn't mean your mouth stays open, your face pulls and stretches as if you're in a wind tunnel. In fact, I can say it more ambitiously. Contrary to popular belief, the most natural aesthetic surgery is face lift surgery. Because it's the only plastic surgery that doesn't change you. It is a surgical procedure that gives you back your image from 10-15 years ago. Therefore, if you entrust your face to hands that are experts in face lifts, the results you will get will be extremely satisfactory and natural.

Who's applying for a facelift?

When they look in the mirror, our patients who think that their face is not compatible with the age they feel and are therefore unhappy come to us and say that they want to look younger, in short, they do not want to lose to the years.

After the facelift surgery, many of my patients state that they feel much younger now, that they feel great energy to live longer and more enjoyable, that they have a much better relationship with their friends and relatives, that they express themselves much better and that their self-esteem increases. Of course, these statements are my motivation.

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