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iPhone 12 Pro with 5 amazing feature

A14 Bionic is the first 5 nanometer chip in the industry with advanced components in literally atomic size. 40 percent more transistors increase efficiency for battery life, while also providing higher speed. And the new ISP allows Dolby Vision recording, which not only other phones, but even professional movie cameras can't.

the iPhone 12 Pro can capture 700 million colors by switching from 8-bit recording to 10-bit HDR recording for videos that are much closer to reality. Moreover, it is able to record in the Dolby Vision format used by film studios. If you want, you can edit Dolby Vision videos and see the difference even on the big screen with AirPlay to the smallest detail.Dec. AirPlay lets you play 4K Dolby Vision videos on Apple TV and smart TVs.

the iPhone already has a decked-out design for AR (Augmented Reality) in all aspects. the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro now takes this design to a whole new dimension. The LiDAR scanner accurately measures depth by determining the time that invisible beams of light are reflected from the transmitter to objects and return. The LiDAR feature works together with the depth software decks in iOS 14, creating a huge amount of high-resolution data that covers the entire camera's field of view. And beams of light flash within nanoseconds, constantly measuring the environment and improving the depth map without stopping. For the AR world, this is a game-decking innovation.

The LiDAR feature can depict every surface in a room in detail, so it can place contents everywhere in a way that looks realistic. Into the curved lines of your sofa, the back of your chair and even your messy work desk. This makes AR applications decidedly smarter. For example, a landscape is projected into your living room, while the grass only grows on the floor of the hall and spreads towards your furniture. In other words, the content can be fully adapted to your area.

Night mode is now available on both the wide camera and the Ultra wide camera. And now he's more skilled than ever at capturing extraordinary squares in dim light. The LiDAR feature makes it possible to take portrait photos in Night Mode. With portraits in Night Mode, the large camera allows you to get images with vivid colors and a great bokeh effect, highlighting illuminated buildings and street lights in dark environments. The large camera, which can capture 27 percent more light, allows you to get much more detailed and clearer images. Them day or night...

Ceramic Shield is obtained by processing nanoscale ceramic crystals into glass, which are harder than most metals. A specially developed formula, keeping the type and degree of crystallinity of crystals under control. In this way, it can remain optically transparent while maximizing the hardness of the ceramic.  Made available for the first time in the smartphone world, this material is more robust than any other smartphone glass.




IPhone with bigger screen maximizes Pro camera system. A 47 percent larger sensor and larger pixels dramatically increase the amount of light captured by the wide camera. The new OIS stabilizes the sensor instead of the lens, making your shots look smooth even if you can't stay still. And the new 65 mm telephoto camera allows you to get closer to your subject in portraits.

So how much does the iPhone 12 Pro cost? The 128GB iPhone 12 Pro was pre-ordered from £ 23,600 on a website and soon sold out. But that figure is not Apple's official sales figure. the iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale on October 23 and the Pro Max on November 13.

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