a couch and a coffee table
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Let's start with an apartment located in the heart of the city in Istanbul. He used an L sofa for 6-8 people on this terrace designed for the host who wants to have a pleasant time with his friends after sunset. Colorful pillows and accessories make the terrace look warm and energetic. When it gets dark, the outdoor cinema enjoys the terrace, which is pleasantly illuminated by led lights on olive trees. Pleasant friend meetings with the projection curtain located just opposite the sofa end by watching movies.

a couch and a coffee table

We turn the camera into a sunbathing section on the same terrace. We're greeted here by a fun décor. Straw hats, hula hoops.  This section also features a jacuzzi for 8 people. The sun loungers lined up side by side are designed to enjoy the sun in the city.

a room with a chair and a table with a plant on it

This time we continue with an example from abroad. A seating arrangement has been created that resembles the living room of the house. Coffee tables, accessories, candles, lanterns and, of course, green plants are a must for terraces! All the finer details were thought out to spend a cool summer evening in a warm ambience.

a living room with a laptop and chairs

It's time for a summer house-looking townhouse. We are on a comfortable and convenient terrace where accessories in blue and white tone stand out. The giant umbrella used on the huge U-shaped sofa allows you to spend time on the terrace during daylight hours. Blue and white striped rugs and patterned pillows in blue tones are like proof that blue tones are the easiest and most effective way to bring Mediterranean breezes to townhouses.

a living room with a large patio area

One of the must-haves of the summer months is the crowded summer tables. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the city terraces is that it allows you to invite crowds of meals outdoors. Friends gathered around a carefully prepared colorful table, candlelight and a huge table... Here's the most enjoyable summer activity!

a table with chairs and umbrella on a deck by a body of water

Designing your terrace isn't as easy as you think. Listen to our suggestions to extend the life of the furniture and accessories you will receive when designing your terrace. All furniture and materials used must be water resistant. Apart from outdoor furniture, you should make sure that the fabrics you use are waterproof. In addition, it will make your job easier to choose disassembled furniture to store the furniture you use on the terrace during the winter months. Make a waterproof cover suitable for all garden furniture. These sheaths will make it easier to quickly intervene without disrupting the layout of the terrace in the sudden heavy summer rains, and will serve as protective covers for storage in winter. Do not neglect the maintenance of all furniture and be sure to learn the instructions for use when making purchases. For example, how often teak furniture should be lubricated... Remember, it's not the first timely maintenance of furniture will prolong their lifespan.  For the plants you will use on the terrace, do not forget to opt for durable plants suitable for weather conditions in summer and winter, depending on the area in which you live.

a deck with chairs and tables
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