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Inspiration corner: Combed back hair

Adriana Lima, who attended the premiere of "Loveless", completed her classic-looking strapless dress with a modern hair look. If you have straight hair and the tongs are barely in your hair, you can choose such a stylish and modern style at invitations.

Adriana Lima in a white dress

To highlight her glamorous necklace around her neck, Bella Hadid wore a high ponytail, gathering her hair firmly behind her back. Hadid also gave her hair a wet look. If you are thinking of using maximalist jewelry at the invitation you attended, it is the right choice to comb your hair backwards.

Bella Hadid looking to the side

The famous model opted for a wet-looking half bun at the back of her hair to highlight the fabric details on the collar.

Sara Sampaio in a dress

The English actor can inspire short-haired people. Lily Collins has fun picking up her hair as she scanned it backwards. We think it's a fun and stylish model for graduation style.

Lily Collins in a dress

The famous model added a little braid between her hair, which she collected at the back, adding a romantic vibe.

Petra Nemcova in a white dress hugging another woman in a white dress
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