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Innovative and unusual stone architecture

The house is located in one of the rural areas of Poland and has a unique depth and scenery around it. Since the area is surrounded by rural land, there are only stone structures with old and traditional structures around. The presence of stones, which are the basic material of the house, in the region, which is very rich in natural stone, did not cause any problems. If you want to build a house on your land, our advice is to research the natural materials in the area and choose a home model. It would be a much more logical, economical and eco-friendly approach to build stone houses in wood and stone dense areas in areas where forest land and forestry are dense.

It was prepared by homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

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Inspired by traditional stone house construction models, the construction process of this house, where technology and design are used in the best way, is quite different and produces a new perspective. The structure, where the stones filled into large iron cages are formed by the main walls of the house, looks extremely majestic, but also has achieved unparalleled robustness and durability thanks to the simultaneous use of iron and stones and nuanced engineering calculations.

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While revealing the design of this unusual and innovative house, attention was paid to the creation of an eco-friendly and ecologytic structure. The airborne structure of the stones inside the cages makes the house airy and spacious, and the heat and sound insulation of the house is quite high thanks to the thick cages. To maintain this level of insulation, the windows are also preferred from three layers of glass.

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The structure actually consists of two main parts; One of the structures is small and designed as a garage for two cars. The other is the house, which is large and houses its living spaces. These two structures, designed in parallel, consist of a magnificent canopy area supported by wooden pergolas.

a stone building with a fence

The first thing that catches our attention when we enter the house is, of course, the unique spaciousness and light created by the high ceiling. When you look at the house from the outside, you may have thought that because of the small windows, it might be darker and dimr inside. But outside the windows, the interior is bright and spacious thanks to the large glass doors, high ceiling and bright white tones that play a leading role in interior design! In the house where minimal decoration is preferred, furniture is selected only to meet the need and a crowded and suffocating atmosphere is prevented. The lighting system hanging from the ceiling is one of the important details.

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The kitchen and dining area also stand out as a dazzling place with all the wonderful features of the house, where naturalness is intertwined with technology and design and a minimal and lean design. Smooth kitchen cabinets and wooden dinnerware are a perfect contrast.

a room with a table chairs and a staircase

The bathroom also has a decoration that reflects the natural warmth of the wooden elements to the space from a modernist point of view. The choice of mirrors the same length as the windows in the lean, peaceful but never ordinary design is also an indication of how subtle the design is.

a bathroom with a tub sink and toilet

The stairs leading to the second floor, which houses the private rooms of the house, again show a unique aesthetic with the dance of wood and stone. The Zen garden, made of stones under the stair unit, is a spiritual and modern touch.

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