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Implement New Year's decisions

The goals you set yourself for the new year, the dreams or expectations you set;

Loud and clear?

It's important to be able to articulate something clearly in your mind before you step into it. Think, 'You can feel what you want or what you need, yes, but can you make them concrete goals?' For example, if you want to use Instead of saying "I want more money", when you say "I aim to get a promotion that will increase my earnings this year", you will embody a step in front of you to achieve the goal.

How will it affect your life to make them happen?

Instead of raising your anxiety by thinking about the next step, it's certainly nutritious to stay in the moment, to be able to live spontaneously. However, if we are talking about long-term plans, radical changes in your life; consider the possible consequences of these. A positive-looking goal can also have a consequence that you are not actually aware of, which can negatively affect you. For example, how much space does a new education or a job take up in your personal life? How does it affect you and your relationships? Look at it this way...

Do you have sufficient resources to perform?

It's nice to dream, but when you don't have a side that's on the ground, dreams can easily turn into disappointment. Another important point, such as planning to achieve what you want, thinking about the results, is to question how realistic they are. If financial or spiritual resources don't seem to be enough for this year, then try dismantling the target. This year it can cover one or two steps towards getting anywhere you want. Time will tell.

What does each of them mean to you?

You've set yourself a list, targets, requests sorted. But have you thought about what any of this means to you? Or is your list made up of the first conceivable wishes that every person will want and dream of, such as love, money, losing weight, exercising, being healthy? So think a little deeper and try to personalize them.

It's also hard to find the energy to achieve it unless you have a goal that appeals to you, touches something inside you, where you can feel motivation. So, think about that most basic question that all the questions point to and ask yourself "what do I really want?"

I wish it to be a year in which you will find the motivation to determine and realize your wishes.

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