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Implant treatment in 5 questions

1. What is an implant? Can it be done to anyone?

Natural teeth can be lost due to caries, gum disease, accidents, etc. With implant treatment, "tooth" can be rebuilt into these toothless cavities as if they were the person's own.  Implant treatment can be applied in any patient who has completed jaw development and is in good overall health. Implant treatment has been applied with a success rate of up to 98 percent for 35 years in patients with good oral hygiene and other dental problems, except for patients with some very rare health problems. In addition, the development of imaging and advanced surgical techniques in recent years has almost invalidated the concept of inadequate bone for the implant.

2. Do I feel a lot of pain during treatment? How long do the sessions last?

The level of pain felt by the patient during and after the implant operation is equal to the pain felt during the tooth extraction process, which means that it is a very comfortable operation for the patient. In a normal case, the time it is about 20-30 minutes to place an implant.

3. What is the advantage of the implant over other treatments?

The most important advantage of implant treatment is that neighboring natural teeth are not damaged. In addition, other important advantages are preventing bone melting, making the prostheses feel like the patient's own tooth, and completing the procedure with a usually very simple and short operation. Dental implants also help to restore your natural smile. Clearly, a beautiful smile offers confidence, vitality and youth.

4. What are the advantages of having implant treatment in Turkey compared to abroad? Is it cheaper?

Turkey welcomes millions of guests from all over the world every year with its rich cultural heritage, natural and historical beauties, unique beaches and easy transportation opportunities. In addition, since Asklepion, which was founded within the Kingdom of Bergama and is considered the world's first medical center, Anatolian lands have always been an important geography in terms of medical science. Today, it is a country that provides superior quality services especially in areas such as cardiological diseases, organ transplantation and dental implants with many facilities such as modern hospitals, advanced facilities and experienced physicians specializing in their fields. These advantages seen in all areas of medicine are also seen at a high level in the field of dentistry and not only in big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara; These facilities are easily accessible in cities such as Izmir and Antalya. Airports in these cities can be reached within a few hours thanks to direct flights organized by various airlines. In addition, it is an important advantage that all physicians and receptionists serving in dental clinics in Turkey speak a good degree of English. Patients can transfer all their ailments or requests directly to their doctor and easily get along with their physician.

In addition, in Turkey, you can have the best quality dental implant brands made for a third of the prices in Europe, so you get such a service which is quite superior to world standards very cheaply. Turkey is the best option to have a fantastic holiday by staying in world famous and award-winning hotels and to get implant treatment of superior quality and quite cheaply.

5. According to what should I choose the clinic and dentist to have implant treatment?

First of all, you need to be an expert in the field of your choice, for example, for dental implant treatment, you need to pay attention to whether the physician is a specialist in Oral, Dental and Jaw Surgery or Periodontology. In addition to a self-developed and experienced physician, it is important that the dental clinic where he works is in a corporate structure. The success of other staff in the clinic will help you get the most accurate treatment. Of course, a clinical choice that tries to relieve possible complications or disorders that may arise after treatments without victimizing you will of course be the right choice. In addition, the fact that the clinic is in an easily accessible location and has flexible working hours to give you appointments for the appropriate hours is another factor. Of course, a dentist and dental staff who can build friendly, understanding, healthy bilateral relations and try their best to meet your expectations by understanding them will help overcome your fears and improve the quality of the service you will receive.

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