a living room with a fireplace
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Ideas that warm your interior in winter

Bioethenol-fueled chimney-free fireplaces, which I use frequently in my projects, allow you to experience the viewing pleasure and warmth of the real flame in any place you want. Thanks to the fuel in a special chamber, you can install fireplaces anywhere without any electricity or chimney connection. One of the great things about a chimneyless fireplace is that you can design the surroundings of the fireplace as you wish. For example, by making a bombe up to the ceiling with drywall, you can give a classic fireplace effect with chimney, cover the surroundings of the fireplace with stone or brick. If your space is limited, you can arrange the place by hanging a TV on the fireplace after providing the appropriate conditions.

a living room with a fireplace

Electric fireplaces perform the heating function with electrical energy. You can be used in any place without the need for chimneys.  Although there are several different types of electric fireplace, the most common is the type in which the resistance wires in it heat up and emit heat when attached to electricity. They are usually controlled by remote control. Some work by creating steam with the water you put in the reservoir. The image of flame is a complete illusion of an eye. Mirrors and small bulbs form a false flame image, and these fireplaces do not emit enough heat to be the only source of heat in the space. If you're one of those people who tells me enough is enough, it might be the most effortless solution for you.

a living room with a fireplace

If you're one of those people who says he'd like to hear the crunch of fire, clean his ashes, throw wood, let's take you to a one-story stone house in the green, a little outside the city. And let's set up a large raven stove inside the house. The nostalgic ravens are back! Moreover, with many different designs and models. Don't forget to check out the different designs produced for modern homes.

a fireplace with logs and fire

Garden fireplaces will be your savior both on cool summer evenings and when you spend time in your garden in winter. Choose from portable cast garden fireplaces, models with protection around them and giving 360-degree heat.

a room with a table and chairs
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