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How to strengthen immunity after Covid-19?

Some of the patients who have had Covid-19 survive without any symptoms. Some of them are suffering from severe illness. Even if PCR tests of severe patients are negative, malaise, shortness of breath, body aches, cough can continue. People with weak immune systems have a heavy Corona. Ozone therapy and IV Nutrition therapies are applied to strengthen immunity after Covid-19. After these applications are made, people feel better.

According to the World Health Organization, the definition of traditional and complementary medicine is as follows; it is a set of practices based on different cultures and ancient knowledge, experience in order to protect, diagnose, treat physical and mental diseases, as well as stay healthy.

Getat (traditional and complementary medicine) regulation was published in our country in 2014. Fifteen methods have been adopted in this regulation. These range from acupuncture to ozone therapy; from neural therapy to cup therapy, from homeopathy to leech therapy. 

Since the last 20 years, intravenous Nutrition ( IV nutrition ) therapies have started in the world. But as you say in Turkey, its popularity has increased in recent years. For reasons such as the opening of Getat centers, the need for supplements with increasing health problems, and successful results, the power of IV therapy has gradually increased. But it should be noted that IV nutrition is not a treatment method. It does not replace diet, exercise, or oral support products. It may not be suitable for everyone. Currently, due to poor environmental conditions, chemicals, genetically modified foods, stresses in life, oxidation occurs in our body.

When we look at the general population, one in four people has a gastrointestinal disorder. When there is no healthy digestive system, the vitamins necessary for us to be healthy, the minarets cannot be taken enough from the foods we eat.

IV nutrition is the delivery of certain minerals and vitamins through a vein. It's our practice to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C, glutathione, zinc and magnesium are given with serum according to the person's needs. In addition, these applications are methods that we apply to protect against the corona and become more resistant. Glutathione, high dose vitamin C, Meyer's cocktail, hair, nail, skin care cocktail, Anti-stress cocktail, Super immune cocktail, standard detox cocktail are some of the IV therapy protocols we apply... Many protocols can be created according to the needs of the person. 

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant known. It strengthens the immune system. Glutathione levels should be kept high to stay healthy, improve your performance, prevent diseases and protect yourself from the effects of aging. It is given through a vein and is recommended to be done regularly. Of course, not because it was fashionable, you should apply it according to the person's needs under the control of a doctor. 

It is the application of a mixture of ozone o2 and 03 to certain doses in the body cavities or the circulatory system. The goal is for the patient to recover faster, use less medication, and improve their overall condition. It is a treatment with a detox effect that partially heals diseases that exist in humans, improves the quality of life and helps remove harmful waste from the body.

Of course, it's not right to say it's a panacea. Of course, that's how we see it marketed. First it is necessary to determine the current condition of the patient and approach it holistically. I definitely want a blood test before ozone from my patients, especially those with chronic complaints. He must find what lies beneath his complaints and, according to him, take a holistic approach. For this reason, it is necessary to perform such practices in medical centers under the supervision of a doctor. It is absolutely necessary to avoid applications under the stairs. 

In many parts of the World, Ozone is applied to patients with Corona in some centers in Europe during their illness. The results are fine. Even when it was applied to patients in intensive care, it began to appear that these patients improved rapidly. After undergoing Covid-19, we also practice ozone to improve the overall condition of the patient and improve his performance. We apply Major, Minor and sf ozone to people undergoing Covid-19. We evaluate our patient's condition and decide on the treatment protocol.

We conduct checks before treatment and choose the treatment method that is appropriate for the patient. Varies from person to person.

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