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How to stop the habit of eating nails?

The habit of nail-biting usually begins among children after the age of 3-4 years. Nail-biting problems are not seen much at a younger age. Each child's reactions to the events that develop around them are different. Some children may become withdrawn, others may become aggressive and start hitting around. The main reason for eating nails is the tensions in the child's life and the trust problems he has.

The child, who is constantly reprimanded by his parents in the family or constantly criticized for his actions, has problems expressing his own feelings. Instead of expressing his troubles with words, he tries to find a way to relieve himself. The child, who is restless during the day, realizes that eating nails relaxes himself.

Let him show his feelings

If you have children crying or shouting, let them show these feelings within the framework of logic. Because children who hide their feelings or fail to show them have a lot of problems mentally. Repressed emotions are much healthier than the feelings and thoughts expressed.

The child who suppresses his emotions does not only eat nails, some suck fingers, some pull their hair. But at the heart of it all are feelings that are not expressed. Therefore, no matter which of these behaviors your child does, do not try to warn them to do so. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes made among mothers. When the child is constantly warned not to do this action, instead of forgetting this movement, he can make a habit of this behavior.

Distract, change the subject

It's really hard for mothers to stop reacting when they see this behavior.  Instead of reacting, they should try to divert the subject by ignoring it and distracting it. For example, instead of telling a child who eats his fingernails, "Mommy, please don't eat your nails," you can use his hands to help you. For example, when you say, "Mommy, will you give me a glass of water?" he'll have to use his hands to stop eating nails. You can also develop games where he has to use his hands for a long time. You can distract your attention with different activities such as dough or painting according to the age range and solve the problem without applying pressure.

It's really hard for children who are raised with love and trust to have these problems without making rules. Instead of being oppressive and prescriptive, you can place your rules by talking and putting your child in the position of an individual.

Another method that takes children away from nail eating is to see the bad image that occurs when the nail is eaten from its side. Stories about children who eat nails should be told and explained that this is not a very good behavior and can have other consequences, from getting infected to getting sick as a result.

Nail-biting can become a much bigger problem if it is exaggerated by the mother or father and made into a problem. If the subject of why the child eats nails is thoroughly investigated and the child is distracted before going after him, the child will voluntarily give up this behavior after a while.

Remember, the cure for everything is love first, then patience!

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