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How to make tarhana soup with minced milk?

Tarhana, indispensable of Anatolian cuisine, comes across as a soup that strengthens immunity as well as nutritious thanks to the tomatoes, yogurt, pepper it contains. Vitamin B its content is high. But the white flour that comes into it is too much to be underestimated. When obtaining white flour, the grain of wheat is separated from the bark, fibers, all useful parts and even rusheymin, beaten and ground. So when I make tarhana whole wheat flour instead of white flour use it. Add milk and mince in it while cooking to increase its nutritional value. Vegetable Protein Lovers also increase the protein content by adding chickpeas or dry blackberries.

Soak 5 tablespoons of powdered tarhana with 1 cup of water. Fry 100 g of lean mince in 2 Tues of olive oil until it releases the juice.  When the color of the mince changes completely, add 2 cloves of chopped garlic 1 teaspoon of powdered pepper and fry for another 1 minute. Add 1 cup milk, 1 cup broth and 2 cups water and cook until darkened. If the consistency is dark, you can add 1 cup more hot water. Add salt and thyme and January and serve.

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