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How to make real pesto sauce?

This pesto sauce, which resembles a sauce called Moretum during the Roman period, which was crushed with cheese, garlic and various herbs and rubbed on bread with the consistency of cream and eaten at breakfast in the morning, actually comes from here. Moretum is also mentioned as the title of one of the novels by the novelist Virgil, which best describes pastoral life.

Basil leaves are fresh and not darkened without a nice pesto sauce. Just as you should not use robots in tarator sauce making, you should not use robots for a real pesto sauce.

You can eat the stuffed peanuts with pleasure after beating them in the air, blending the garlic of fresh basil leaves and a fine olive oil and feeding them nicely to the salad. You can share the secret of making a famous pesto sauce from The Ligurya region of Italy with your loved ones and bring the aromatic flavors of Italy to your table.

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