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How to make cauliflower soup?

* 1 medium cauliflower
* 1 medium onion
* 1 medium potato
* 1 clove of garlic
* Nutmeg grater (optional)
* 2 spoons of labne (optional)
* 1 spoon butter

* Wash all vegetables. Peel the potatoes, garlic and onion and chop them all nicely and turn them a little with the butter. Let the vegetables cook lightly.
* Add enough hot water to cross the vegetables by 2 fingers (meat or vegetable broth if you want). Bring to the boil nicely until the vegetables are tender.
* Cover the bottom when the vegetables are soft. Add 2 spoonfuls of labne cheese and nutmeg grater and pass through the blender to get a smooth consistency.
Cream soups are more popular in winter, I usually always use labne cheese because it is lighter than cream. You can also use labne in winter soups such as pumpkin, broccoli, celery.

Bonus: Brussels sprouts with potatoes

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