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How to make a sports paddleboard of celebrities?

I don't like swimming, but I always love water sports. I don't know if it's the trio of sea, sand and sun, but when I come into contact with the sea, I get like a child... If I'm suddenly caught in the rain while I'm at sea, there's no one happier than me!

Well, something happened today at noon. On my way to the beach for a run today, I stood in front of a caravan renting boards in oceanfront caravans, and suddenly I was on a paddleboard. No unprepared towels or sunscreen. I also gave my camera in the car to the boy who rented me a board and I am happy to share the result with you.

So how to make paddleboards?

The standup paddle board is very simple to use, it will only take 5 minutes to learn. Once you've done it, it's a toy you'll want to have if you live near the sea. When you get started, you need to choose a board and shovel that suits your height and weight.

Paddle is a way to burn calories for women, and for men, if there's a wave, it's a particularly useful activity to run on the side abdomen and back when struggling in the waves. But best of all, the energy spent on getting in the balance. If the waves are strong enough, you burn around 620 to 730 calories in an hour, which is not bad to burn while playing games.

I did something else today. Instead of standing on the board and rowing left and right, I tried yoga poses and enjoyed it tremendously. If you're doing yoga, if you're balanced enough, if you're already doing what I do on land, let's go on paddleboards!

It doesn't matter if it rains or not, just as your work is about to finish. Don't forget to meditate. Whatever you do on the board, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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