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How to dress babies in cold weather

Especially small babies can lose heat very easily, so more care should be taken against the cold, said Associate Professor Nermin Tansuğ, a child health and disease specialist , who gave information about how babies should be dressed in winter.

Usually a thick woolen sweater is worn on a thin cotton garment such as flannel. However, when cotton, soft and body-hugging thin clothing is worn on top of each other instead of a single layer of thick clothing, the layer of air between them protects the baby from getting cold. When going out, it protects better when it is wool on top of these garments. When the ambient temperature changes, it is reduced or increased by one layer as needed. With this method, it is prevented from being overwhelmed by clothes that squeeze and aggravate the baby.

Since most of the body temperature is lost from the beginning, hats, gloves, thick socks and boots covering the ears should be worn. In walking babies, it should be ensured that their boots do not pass water in rainy weather.

How to dress in vehicles and outside?

When driving out, a layer of hats and clothes can be removed or the car is cooled down to prevent overheating. If she is on public transport, such as a bus, she can remove part of her dress.  When going out with a stroller, a protective and anti-cold cover should be placed inside the car and a separate blanket should be covered over the baby. Or you can dress up like an envelope used in strollers. In rainy, windy weather, the protective windshist in the car should be used.

When going out in windy weather, a light moisturizer should be applied to prevent cracking in the parts of the baby that remain open to the wind.

If you are going to stay outside in snowy and sunny weather, you should wear a shielded hat to protect the baby's skin, and sun-blocking products should be applied to his face. Because snow reflects 85 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays, it can be just as dangerous as the summer sun and cause sunburn. This is especially dangerous for your baby's hassa skin.

Babies born in winter are tightly dressed so that they do not get cold, so they cannot meet the sun in the first months of their lives. However, vitamin D, which is activated in the body through sunlight, is important for the development of bones. Therefore, on days when the weather is nice, it must be exposed to sunlight for 10-15 minutes, with its arms and face open.

In cold weather, more calories are needed to produce heat. The amount of calories in your meals can be slightly increased.

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