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How to combine trousers with a front tie?


The part that you should pay the most attention to when wearing these trousers is that if you are uncomfortable with your hip area, you should definitely use pieces such as jackets and kimonos to support your outfit and pull the focus from the hip level. Otherwise, you will draw all the attention there due to the mobility in the waist.

This season, these fastened trousers were produced in many different patterns such as short loose legs, narrow legs, loose and narrow cuts. Since the trendy fabrics of the season are thinner fabrics such as chiffon, silk and crepes, these trousers have the same slim and flight-flight appearance. This is actually a great advantage for your comfortable use and for not making you look bigger than you are when you're combining.

You usually have to wear these types of pants by tucking the piece you're going to wear on you. Otherwise, it could create a pot in the front. You can combine sneakers or heels according to your destination.

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