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How to combine oversized parts?

5 trends you need to know in autumnthe first rule for oversize is decoupled: balance.  If you have chosen an oversized piece as a shirt or sweatshirt, your choice of pants or skirt should be as fit cut as possible.  You can also add a feminine look to these plentiful pieces with an elegant cleavage in the torn or chest area. In this way, you eliminate the risk of looking stupid and overweight from head to toe. 

By choosing an Oversized part in the same color as other parts in the comb, you can get rid of eye fatigue and provide an ambitious look. Thus, the shabby appearance born of body difference is balanced by Color Harmony. 

Cape model coats or 70s Spanish Trotters pants are classics of the oversized current... You can get a sophisticated look by choosing the Oversized trend from classic period pieces. 

The Oversized trend is a representation of comfort, comfort... Combine this trend with plush toy or 'Boy Boy' look pieces to capture a fun style from head to toe. 

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