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How to combine large floral patterned parts

-Simplicity should be at the forefront

Although it is pleasant to wear pieces of floral pattern, it can be difficult to combine with other pieces. Since they are highly colorful pieces, they are likely to tire the eye and look exaggerated, so it is worth combining it with as simple, monochrome bags and elegant shoes as possible.

-Shoe choices

Since they are spring-evoking pieces, you can use them with lighter shoes or sneakers rather than a closed shoe like stilettos. Cross-strap bags, mini handbags may be the ideal option.

-Not without a jacket in the spring!

Depending on the seasonal transitions, you can buy a denim jacket or leather jacket to add a cool look to you. It will be advantageous for large patterns to come to the fore. Large floral patterns have a clearer and leaner stance than the tiny floral pattern.


Again, by trying natural and fresh looking models in hair and makeup, you fully reflect the spirit of the floral pieces. Especially braided hairstyles are very suitable for floral patterns.

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