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How to combine 'blanket scarfs'

Wearing large scarves around the horn can make this area a weight. If you prefer this style, cashmere and Silk blended wefts are lighter, so you can comfortably wrap them around your neck in a flexible and plentiful way.

a person wearing a pink coat and sunglasses

Open your scarf and throw it off your shoulders like a shawl. Then combine the two sides with a thin belt. If you want, it is inevitable that you will sign a magnificent street style with a coat that you will throw on your shoulders! With this style, your scarf has become not an accessory, but an important part of your combination.

a woman walking down the street

If you are wearing a wool or acrylic blend colorful weft, the most noticeable detail of your combination should be this weft. Drop your scarf down your shoulders as if you had thrown a blanket over your coat or jacket. A more striking look take out the collars of your jacket or coat. 

a woman in a colorful coat and sunglasses walking down a street
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