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How to choose running shoes?

  • You must determine the place where you will run (concrete floor, soil (nature), interior, etc.)
  • You must specify your printing properties (if you are inward or outward)
  • Choose models that meet your needs,
  • You should buy the model that provides maximum mobility in the shoes you try.

Almost every shoe model is recommended to be tried and fit for your full foot, but this becomes even more important when it comes to running shoes. Running is a sport that requires balance, putting a burden on the feet and knees. Therefore, it should fit fully on your feet, fully coiled in width, not abundant or narrow...

During the day, our feet swell, so the shoes you try on after at least a few hours of walking will give you a more accurate result. Because it should be noted that your feet will push the shoe a little during the run. If you are going to do your shopping online, you should also think that there will be some difference at the end of the day and on the go.

Having a distance of one thumb between the toe and the shoe tip is necessary for the mobility during the run. This keeps the balance and you gain speed as there will be no friction. However, there should be no gaps in barefoot running shoes, these models should wrap your feet like socks. Keep in mind that you need to buy a light shoe for the run, regardless of which model you prefer.

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