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How to choose a bronzer color?


Very light-skinned people usually don't think about using Summer Kiss: 8 new bronzersthinking they won't look natural. First of all, definitely avoid bronzers of very brown and orange tones. Use a dark bronzer of up to 2 shades of your skin tone and always apply a very small amount. Try it if possible before you take bronzer and make sure it looks on your face in daylight.

Wheat skinned

Wheat skin can also choose 1-2 tons of dark 5 errors when applying bronzer from skin colors. However, avoid warm tones, especially products that will stand orange and red on your perjury. Avoid heavy colors if you want them to look natural.


Dark-skinned Summer Kiss: 8 new bronzers are in the most comfortable and easy-to-choose group. Because they can carry almost all shades in a natural way. Of course, be careful not to stray too far from your natural tee. Especially the bronzers in terracotta tones including redness will be very suitable!

Blow the tip of your brush for a natural application. In this way, you do not suddenly put too many bronzers on your face and you ensure its natural distribution.

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