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How should skin care be in the 20s?

-Replace your face cleanser

Instead of the cleansing soaps you used in high school, you now need to use creamy facial cleansers. Facial cleansing milks that remove makeup residues without irritating your face nourish and moisturize your face with their creamy structure.

-Do not forget to use moisturizer

Keep in mind that it is moisturizing for all skin types. All skin may show dryness, just because you have mixed or oily skin does not mean that your face will not dry out. When you start using moisturizer that suits your skin type, you prevent premature wrinkles.

-Do not apply peeling to your face too often

In your 20s, cells do not regenerate very often, so your need to get rid of dead skin is also reduced. If you reduce exfoliation in your 20s, you will get healthier skin in later years. Instead of peeling-effect masks with thick particles in them, opt for softer products that won't irritate your skin.

-Use products with sun protection factor

According to dermatologists' recommendation, protect your face against wrinkles and blemishes with products containing at least SPF 30 when going out. Remember that the harmful rays of the sun damage your skin in winter as well as in summer.

-Do not use firming face creams

Firming creams, known for their anti-aging properties, which stretch the lines on the face and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, will cause more damage to your skin in your 20s. The peptide substance contained in anti-aging products increases the fat content of the skin at a young age and causes skin problems such as acne. Therefore, take care to use products that are suitable for your age.

-Apply for acne treatment

If you still have acne, don't worry, 45 percent of women in their 20s have acne skin. When you add retinol-containing products to your skincare routine at night, you contribute to the skin's self-treatment. You can start the treatment you need by contacting your doctor. Do not forget to apply intense moisturizers to your skin, which dries more than usual during acne treatment.

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