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How risky is what activity?

  • Going to the bar- Risk Value: 9
  • Attending the ceremony of worship (more than 500 people)- Risk Value :8
  • Watching a game in the stadium- Risk Value:8
  • Going to a crowded concert- Risk Value: 8
  • Going to the cinema (indoors)- Risk Value:8
  • Going to the amusement park- Risk Value:8
  • Gym workout- Risk Value:8
  • Buffet meal- Risk Value:8

  • Hugging or shaking hands - Risk Value: 7
  • Playing football or basketball - Risk Value:7
  • Travel by plane - Risk Value:7
  • Attending a wedding or funeral- Risk Value:7
  • Restaurant dining - Risk Value:7
  • Going to the barbershop, the hairdresser- Risk Value:7


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  • Friends home visit- Risk Value:6
  • Swimming in a public pool - Risk Value:6
  • Working in the office for 1 week - Risk Value:6
  • Sending children to school or camp - Risk Value:6


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  • Shopping at the Mall: Risk Value:5
  • Going to the beach: Risk Value:5
  • Barbecuing in the garden: Risk Value:5
  • Spending 1 hour on the playground: Risk Value:4
  • Walking through the city crowd: Risk Value:4
  • Restaurant, café dining: Risk Value:4
  • Library, going to the museum: Risk Value:4
  • Waiting at the clinic: Risk Value: 4
  • 2 nights stay at the hotel: Risk Value: 4

  • Playing golf - Risk Value: 3
  • Outdoor distance walking, running, cycling - Risk Value: 3
  • Grocery shopping: Risk Value: 3

  • Camping- Risk Value: 2 ( Bonus: 4 camping recommendations for a caravan holiday)
  • Playing tennis - Risk Value: 2
  • Filling up gasoline- Risk Value:2
  • Ordering food from outside - Risk Value: 2
  • Filling up gasoline- Risk Value:2
  • Opening a letter- Risk Value: 1


Source: ntv.com.tr

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