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How old should children start watching TV?

Children lose their way into the magical world of television and cut ties with the outside world.

In fact, experts are in favor of not watching television until the age of 4, but I think it's very difficult to do that in the world we're in. I certainly don't think it's healthy to be introduced to television until I'm 2 years old, and I'm glad you can last until you're 4.

Here are some behavioral disorders observed in children watching television:

– Learning difficulties

– Hyperactivity

– Distraction

– Eating problems

– Difficulty listening to lessons


One of the biggest mistakes we see in families is feeding in front of the TV. According to researches, obesity symptoms have been seen in children who watch excessive television. The boy spends a long time in front of the TV, so he can't burn all the nutrients he eats because he's immobile. All the high-calorie foods he eats return to him in weight, as he consumes less energy. Experts have observed that children who eat in front of the television eat more than other children. This again prepares the basis for children who are fed unhealthy food.


Young children may not understand the difference between reality and imagination. Just as fearful or violent publications disturb their psychology, they may think all they're watching is real. If you've made the decision that I still want to watch TV, you should be sensitive about the content.

Children who watch excessive television begin to exhibit antisocial behavior after a while. When he enters a community, he may have difficulty communicating with other children, which makes him lonely. It could go as far as being an introverted kid in the future. Maybe it's a rare opportunity for you to leave your child in front of the TV when you can't handle it. But remember that in the long run, you are only harming your child.


Instead of encouraging television, let him explore his surroundings, move and direct his energy to the right places. If you can create more enjoyable play options for a child who is pinned down to watch TV, they will give up these habits after a while.

You should rather play games and chat than be on TV as a family. It is up to us to raise individuals who can communicate and share everything by talking.

In the circumstances, of course, it's not up to us to keep it away from television for long. But if you limit its duration and control its content, you greatly reduce the impact of television on the child.

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