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How do I turn my hair color in natural ways?

If you want to add golden glow to your dark hair, one of the most natural methods is to use chamomile tea. Infuse chamomile tea in boiling water in a glass for 10 minutes and let it cool. Then rub it on your clean hair, leave it overnight for a better result. Rinse the next day and repeat the process.

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Instead of using any chemicals, lemons are the most natural method you have! You can apply lemon by separating your face-framing hair into small tufts. Another method is to apply 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to all your hair, stirring in 1 cup of warm water. Dry your hair outside with the sun. But do not forget to moisturize your hair to prevent drying in your hair due to the acidic properties of lemon. For example, you can apply a coconut oil mask.

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If the sudden color opening in your hair scares you, we have a cautious suggestion: Cinnamon! Cinnamon opens your hair color less, unnoticed. And the fact that it smells good is a plus. Add water until you turn a teaspoon of cinnamon into paste. Apply a favorite conditioner to your wet hair and do not rinse. Then rub the paste you have prepared with cinnamon. Conditioner will make it easier for cinnamon to work on your hair. Put a bonnet on your hair and wait 6 hours. Rinse your hair as a last step, enjoy your brighter and smellier hair!

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Use a teaspoon of bicarbonate, which you mix in a glass of water, when rinsing your hair after the shampoo step. Then you can apply your conditioner. This application will open your hair color over time and give your hair a bright appearance. However, since sodium bicarbonate has alkaline properties, it can damage your scallops. We do not recommend this step very much, especially if you have damaged hair.

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